NEC Phone Systems

NEC Phone Systems


NEC offer one of the most costs effective Telephone Systems on the business market today. They are feature rich in the amount of features they offer straight out of the box. NEC Phone Systems offer you the ability to transfer calls internally and externally as well as being able to manage all you incoming call traffic through sophisticated software ( My Calls ). The My Calls software can report on all of you call traffic and let you know how many calls were answered the duration of the calls the time and date and much more.

You can then manage this data by creating reports to let you know where you success is coming from in terms sales staffs call length amount of calls made and build a profile of how and why certain staff members are doing better or worse than others.

This data allows you to be in control of your business and target certain areas of success as well as advise other staff members who are not having as much success on their call times.

Small to medium sized businesses will find a fully scalable telecommunications solution in the form of the NEC SV8100 business phone system. It is a robust and flexible system that can be expanded over time so that it grows alongside your business, continuing to meet your telephone requirements.

With this system you can use traditional telephones, IP telephony or a combination of both so that you are able to customise your phone system to suit your business rather than adapting your business to a new telephone system.


The main features of the NEC SV8100 include:

  • Bluetooth cordless handsets.
  • Can link together up to 16 sites.
  • Supports up to 512 handsets.
  • Built in voicemail and automatic call features.
  • Colour touch screens.
  • Caller ID and integration.
  • DECT.
  • Home-working facilities.
  • Open XML interface.

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