LG Phone Systems

The LG phone system is one of our most popular products and with prices starting from just £495 for installation it is also one of our more cost effective business telephone solutions. No matter whereabouts in the UK you are based, our engineers can upgrade and repair your LG phone systems so if you are experiencing any faults or issues with your telephone system please do contact us today.

Although the LDK range is no longer available as a new telephone system we realise that many businesses are still using this system effectively and thus we still provide upgrades and maintenance of the products listed below as well as supplying refurbished LG systems.

GDK 16

The GDK16 allows small system users to have the benefits of big performance. This is one of the most cost effective Telephone Systems on the market today we have installed these systems in schools, shops and councils.

LG are one of the market leaders in Telephone Systems in the UK. They are know the world over for the quality of their equipment and the Telephone systems, the GDK16 is a market leader in communications.

GDK16E system provides up to 6 telephone lines (analogue or ISDN2e) and 20 extensions (10 Digital LKD Phones, 10 Analogue).


  • Up to 20 Extensions and 6 telephone lines and 20.
  • Transfer Calls internally or externally
  • Each extension has direct dial buttons ( speed dials ) for internal or external numbers
  • System can forward calls automatically if not answered
  • CLIP ( incoming call number ) displayed on Telephone Handset screen
  • Easy to program for staff members who need to make changes


This system is ideal for any medium size business who need the flexibilty to upgrade and increase capacity on the system for adding more lines or extensions.

The GDK34i phone system features:

  • Up to 34 extensions & 34 lines.
  • Hybrid capable of using Analogue and ISDN2e Digital Lines
  • this system comes complete with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) – integrating you computers and telephones into one system.
  • The system is capable of video conferencing
  • Transfer calls internally and externally
  • Auto attendant ( press 1 for sales 2 for accounts etc. )

GDK 100

This system is great for a medium size business that need complete reliability and flexibility for upgrading. If you are looking for a system that can use both Analogue and digital lines then the GDK100 is the ideal choice for your Business Telephone System.

The system can be adapted to meet the needs of your business and will evolve over time to suit your needs and can be easily upgraded should you take on extra staff and need to increase capacity on either Telephone Lines or Telephone Extensions.

The GDK 100 phone system features:

  • Up to 48 Telephone Line & Up to 72 Telephone Extensions
  • Auto Attendant
  • Courtesy Service ( your call is important please wait of the next operator )
  • Internal & external Transfer
  • Flexible Buttons & Speed dial Buttons

GDK 186

This is a larger solution and offer a very powerful upgrading capability with Up to 96 lines and 180 extensions. This system can support specific software for the hotel industry for example and would be an ideal choice for a large hotel or blue chip organisation with many staff on site

The GDK 186 phone system features:

  • Can accommodate 180 extensions & 96 lines
  • DDI Direct Dial in Numbers ( each room or employee can have their own telephone number that can be contacted directly for external phones ).
  • Incoming calls can be routed using Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – A fast and effective way for managing your incoming call traffic

If you need any more information on any LG phone system please give us a call today on 0800 849 8030 we can help you choose the right Business Telephone System to suit your exact requirements.